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FERRET NOISE is a solo music project from Japan featuring art/rock bassistYayoi Tsushima. Yayoi is currently bassist with art/rock trio Tsushimamire.
Tsushimamire have captivated audiences around the world for over 20 years,spanning thousands of live performances, 15 US tours, and 20 full length releases. Their music has been featured on TV, film, animation, and video games.

Yayoi is a multidisciplinary artist. A classically trained musician from the age of 5, she has also had solo art exhibitions in Tokyo showcasing her talent in ceramics.
Though deeply rooted in Japan’s rock/art world, FERRET NOISE strives to differentiate its sound and spirit from anything that has come before, and to establish a fresh and formidable presence in the global music scene.
The truly international sound of FERRET NOISE can sit happily alongside experimental music pioneers such as CAN and NEU!

​Solo Artist: Yayoi Tsushima (Bass, Vocals, Keyboard, and more)


Art Collaborator : Frances Washburn


2019年に始動。2020年3月にデビューアルバム「見上げると、月」をリリース。この作品では、ベースはもちろんボーカル、キーボードも自ら演奏し、自らレコーディングも行った。中村宗一郎氏(PEACE MUSIC)がミックス・マスタリングを手掛ける。2020年3月からライブ活動も開始する。


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